beden-işlemsel sanatlar festivali

body-process arts festival

9-17 November 2007

the first issue of amber'07 body process arts festival realized with the participation of artists, supporters and volunteers.
thanks to...

Türkiye Eğitim Gönüllüleri Vakfı (TEGV) ve Nesin Vakfı helped us to introduce amber'07 body process arts festival to the young generation by visiting the exhibition and participating in the workshops with their students.

Şimdi Cafe
(Asmalı Mescid No:9 Beyoğlu Tünel)
was the festival meeting point...

please visit again for the documentary of the festival

  • antunez roca
  • jakob leben / robertina sebjanic
  • johannes birringer
  • eda kaban
  • kostas moshos / mariela nestora
  • martin hesselmeier / karin lingnau
  • hernando barragan
  • daisy bolter
  • francesco monico
  • ayşegül dalgıç
  • benoît maubrey
  • mladen dolar
  • burak arıkan
  • christine sugrue
  • nancy mauro flude
  • petra dubach / mario van horrik
  • tanja perisic
  • ekmel ertan
  • janez jansa
  • burçkaan gürgün
  • ismail kasarcı / burak arıkan
  • düğümküme
  • sinan bökesoy / daito manabe
  • difüzyon
  • ıslak köpek antunez roca [sp]


garajistanbul / 16 november 2007 20:30

20 YTL (Student 10 YTL)

Using the Space Station as a metaphor, Marcel.lÌ Ant·nez Roca has developed a hybrid show alternating as a performance, concert and lecture. It is structured in different modules. During the show Ant·nez wears his Dreskeleton (an exoskeletal body interface) and with it he samples, activates and modulates sounds as well as controlling the films projected on two screens.

In the first module he presents some of the mechanical aspects characteristic of his work such as the Fleshbots, the Dreskeletons, the Biometries and the Systematurgy. The second module takes us through recurrent images in his work. The third module reveals the end result of the process of preparation for the Dedalus project in Star City in the Russian Federation as well as the micro performances that were carried out during periods of microgravity provided by the parabolas. In these micro performances we witness the Requiem bodybot experiment and the interaction between the dreskeleton, the softbot and the interactive films. The last module presents the Transpermia theory and at this point the performance becomes more like a conference. Ant·nez proposes a new landscape for a Utopia called Transpermia.



garajistanbul / 17 november 2007 20:30

20 YTL (Student 10 YTL)

The storyline of Protomembrana is a theoretical lesson on Systematurgy, which is literally speaking a dramaturgy of computation systems. It is used to weave a narrative full of fables, something like a Roman novel. The performance uses, in addition to verbal narration, graphic animation, music and lighting. All these scenic elements are treated as interactive elements which are controlled by means of various interfaces. Formally, the action takes place on a large screen, in front of which is Marcel.lí wearing the dreskeleton, and to one side a table with several computers.

Apart from images and sound, this interactive story uses other devices such as a camera/gun that captures the faces of volunteers from the audience and inserts them in the performance as protagonists in subsequent animations. Another device is a touch sensitive costume; it consists of four components that are worn by a volunteer, enabling her/him to become a visual and sound interface. At times, the use of these appliances transposes the Protomembrana performance to the sub-genres of hypnosis and magic.

This lesson is a continuation of the interactive narration that Marcel.lí commenced in his previous work Transpermia. The spoken word, which was practically inexistent in his previous work, plays an important role in the last module of Transpermia. In Protomembrana, the spoken word is the ongoing protagonist as the interactive scenic polysemy is at the service of verbal narration.

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